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Salt Free Dyes Manufacturers in bihar, India

Salt Free Dyes

Salt Free Dyes Manufacturer, Suppliers in All over world: We recommend salt free dyes for inkjet and textile printing, which is the end product, resulted after removing salt and other pollution. Manufactured using cover and reverse osmosis technology, these dyes are atmosphere friendly. The elimination of salt increases the fastness of dyes. These dyes are available in different shades as per the requirements of our clients. Red Sun Dye Chem is one of the leading companies for INKJET – SALT FREE DYES We manufacture and Exports Different Dyestuffs. Salt Free Dyes Features: Eco -friendly As salt and other impurities are removed, the solubility of the dyes increases Have improved dye fixation properties Manufactured using membrane technology and find utility in Inkjet Industry Have excellent fastness properties Dyes exhibit excellent dye exhaustion Salt Free Dyes Applications : Inkjet Industry Digital Textile Printing Products  Name: ACID YELLOW – 23 ACID YELLOW – 36 FOOD YELLOW – 5 FOOD YELLOW – 6 REACTIVE YELLOW – 145 DIRECT YELLOW – 132 DIRECT YELLOW – 86 ACID RED – 52 ACID RED – 131 REACTIVE RED – 195 ACID BLUE – 9 DIRECT BLUE – 199 REACTIVE BLUE – 21 ACID BLACK – 194 ACID BLACK –

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Solvent dyes supplier, Exporter in Uttarkhand, India

Solvent Dyes Supplier

Leading Solvent Dyes Manufacturers, Suppliers in India We offer a range of solvent dyes, showcasing color options of Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green. Extremely view for their versatility, their performance is noticeable in a range of applications. We are leading Solvent Dyes Supplier, manufacturer & Exporter in Gujarat, India. Our business is providing the broad range of the solvent dyes that are available in different color shades. The finest quality Solvent Dyes in India, Solvent Dyes in Gujarat, Solvent Dyes in Ahmedabad is offer by our company. The whole range is manufactured using the best quality raw materials and are available in the broad color shades which can be easily utilized as per their requirements. A solvent dyes is dye which is soluble in organic solvents, solvent dyes is widely used in fuel & coating industries, solvent dyes is also utilized to coloring polyester fiber, hydro carbon, solvent dyes is generally used to coloring solid materials such as Polyester, Acrylic, Plastics, Solvent Dyes is as well known as fuel dyes and oil colors. NAME OF PRODUCT CI NO Solvent Red-1 12150 Solvent Red -23 26100 Solvent Red -24 26105 Solvent Red-25 26110 Solvent Red-26 26120 Solvent Red-27 26125 Solvent Yellow-2 11020 Solvent

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Pigment Dye Colors Manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh, India

Pigment Dyes supplier

Pigment Dyes Manufacturer & Supplier In India Red Sun Dye Chem. is a Ahmedabad-based company manufactures and exports pigment dyes to a various global customers. A wide range of high performing products, the portfolio boast of reactive dyes for cotton textiles, ink, paints, plastics, basic dyes for paper and synthetic food dye Color. We are the leading Pigment Dyes manufacturer in India, Pigment Dyes manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Pigment Dyes manufacturer in Gujarat. Our company possesses a vast experience in the Pigment Dyes manufacturing and supplying. We make sure that the best quality raw materials are utilized for manufacturing this Pigment Dyes. The Pigment Dyes are offer great coloration on each use and possess a large application which makes them highly suitable to be utilized for the some purposes and the best quality Pigment Dyes in India and the Pigment Dyes in Ahmedabad is provided by the business. Our company is known for providing the best quality Pigment Dyes that also at the cheap price. We are providing the quick and on time solution for the different types of the Pigment Dye located locally and the nationally for our customers. The operations are manner in state-of-the-art technical production facilities located in

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Basic Dye Colors Exporter in Indonesia

Basic dye colors

Basic Dye Colors Overview with Features & Products Redsun Dye Chem is a best basic dyes manufacturer in India recognized for providing cutting edge products to businesses operating in unusual verticals. We have got a highly residential infrastructure that we can use for the research, cultivation and development of top grade Basic dye Colors that can be utilized for our clients. Basic dyes are cationic dyes which attribute the synthetic dyes that act as bases. Our basic dyes vary greatly in color and you can definitely get any kind of shade that you are looking for. Whether you are appearing to get dyes for textiles or for any further type of industrial and commercial application, you can rely on us for receiving you the perfect products. The Basic dyes are also useful in the production of bright and deep shades and they demonstrate superior light and wash fastness. Their tradition provides similar effect to that specified by direct dyes and need application in very specific quantities. Features: Weather resistance Accurately processed Eco friendly Our Strong Products as listed below, Malachite Green (Powder & Crystal) Auramine 200% Rhodamine B 540% Basic Blue 26 COLOUR Product Name GREEN MALACHITE GREEN VIOLET METHYL VIOLET H/CONC RHODAMINE B

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acid dyes manufacturer in Nigeria

Acid Dyes Manufacturer

Worldwide  Acid Dyes Manufacturer, Dye Intermediates & Pigments  Acid Dyes are the most frequent used Dyestuff products in Leather Industry. Leather, obtained from the tanning process desires the right treatment for further coloration process. The Research & Development Department of Red Sun Dye Chem focuses on better use of a study that appraises the ‘Type of Tanning’ that happen to dissimilar leathers. Consequently, Dyes are chosen suspiciously by considering the quality that matches the fineness of leather well. Red Sun Dye Chem are not substantive to cellulosic fibers. Our Dyes such as Acid Black, Acid Red & Acid Yellow are free from all the banned Amines and Eco-Friendly.We are Leading Acid dyes Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters in Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Acid dyes sound scary to some novices, who visualize that the dyes themselves are caustic strong acids. In fact, the dyes are non-caustic, are in several cases non-toxic, and are named for the mild acid (such as vinegar) utilizes in the dyeing process, and for the variety of bonds they form to the fiber. Some of them are significantly added toxic than fiber reactive dyes, while others are yet safe enough to eat, and are sold as food coloring. Red Sun

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food colours Exporter in Mozambique

Ponceau 4r Food Colour

Ponceau 4r Food Colour is a red dye that gives a dark red colour in applications and subsidiary coloring matters collectively with sodium chloride and/or sodium sulfate because the foremost uncolored components.  Ponceau 4R Colour is soluble in water and sparingly soluble in ethanol.

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