We offer a extensive range of Lemon Yellow food colour in shape of both Liquid Food Colour and Food Colour Powder. The Lemon Yellow, supplied by us, is free from contamination and provides a great lemon yellow colour to the food. The company shares glorious credentials with the main Suppliers of Lemon Yellow Food colour and gives the quality deal. These Lemon Yellow food colors add a lemony yellow colour to the dishes, beverages and sweets as well. Also, the supplied Lemon Yellow Food colour do now no longer have an effect on theauthentic flavor of the food dishes.

Red Sun Dye Chem is one of the main Lemon Yellow food colour Manufacturer in India and Lemon Yellow Supplier, Export throughout India and over the world.

Product NameLemon Yellow
Colour Shade 
C.I. No19140
FDA Status—-


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