Indigo Carmine is a deep blue dye that offers a violet to Royal blue shade in applications. Indigo Carmine food colour is water soluble. It is strong as a solid; however, aqueous solutions are not very strong and the colour fades, especially while solutions are uncovered to light. Fading is because of oxidation of the colour to isatin-5-sulfonic acid, which finally oxidizes to 5-sulfo-anthranilic acid.

Red Sun Dye Chem is one of the main Indigo Carmine Manufacturer in India and Indigo Carmine food colour Supplier, Export throughout India and over the world.

Product Name Indigo Carmine
Colour Shade
Synonyms Food Blue 74
Chemical Name Disodium 3,3′-dioxo-2,2′-bi-indolylidene-5,5′-disulphonate
C.I. No 73015
C.I. Name Acid Blue 74
FDA Status FD&C Blue # 2


Indigo Carmine food colour is distinguished by its rich royal blue colour, and is mainly used for coloring foods including blueberry bagels, candies including chocolate, chewing gum, breakfast cereals, cakes and cupcakes, decorations for baking, frozen treats, dairy products, sauces and seasonings as well as pharmaceuticals.

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