Brilliant Blue FCF Food Colour is a greenish blue dye that adds a blue Colour in applications. Brilliant Blue Additive specially incorporates toluene-2-sulfonate, disodium alpha-(4-(N-ethyl-3-sulfonatobenzylamino) phenyl)-alpha-(4-N-ethyl-3-sulfonatobenzylamino, cyclohexa-2,5-dienylidene) in addition to its subsidiary coloring subjects and isomers in aggregate with sodium chloride/sodium sulfate as most important uncolored component.

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Product NameBrilliant Blue
Colour Shade
SynonymsFood Blue-2
Chemical NameDisodium a-(4-N-ethyl-3-sulfonatobenzylamino phenyl)-a-(4-N-ethyl-3-sulfonatobenzylamino) cyclohaxa-2,5-dienylidene)tolune-2-sulfonate
C.I. No42090
C.I. NameAcid Blue -9
FDA StatusFD&C Blue -1


Brilliant Blue FCF typical applications include adds a distinctive, bright blue hue to confections, frozen dairy desserts, beverages, cereals, cakes and cupcakes, chewing gum, frostings and icings.