Sunset yellow Food Colour is a synthetic yellow dye that affords a reddish-orange colour in applications. Sunset yellow is appropriate to be used in fermented foods requiring heat treatment and when used in combination with amaranth, it facilitates in producing brown coloring for chocolates and caramel.

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Product Name Sunset Yellow
Colour Shade
Synonyms Food Yellow -3,Orange Yellow S
Chemical Name Disodium salt of 1-(4-sulphophe- nylazo)-2-naphthol-6-sulfonic acid
C.I. No 15985
C.I. Name —-
FDA Status FD&C Yellow #6


Sunset Yellow food colour provides a pleasing orange colour when used in foods, cosmetics and drugs and. Sunset Yellow is used to colour many various types of foods including snack foods, cereals, crackers, gelatins, beverages, baked goods, dessert powders, sauces.

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