Best Primary Food Color Manufacturer & Exporter in Burma

Red Sun Dye Chem are the leading Manufacturer of extensive array of food colors in Burma, Cosmetics colors,  Direct Dyes, Acid Dyes and Primary Food Colors, Paper Dyes , etc. These edible food colors are 100% safe and tried and tested by numerous food industries across the world. We maintain quality while producing these products as per the industrial standards.  Our products are trusted and immensely demanded by several food industries in Burma especially in the cities like Yangon , Mandalay , Naypyidaw  etc.

  • Cosmetics colors Exporter
  • Synthetic Food Colors
  • Food Colors for Asian Countries
  • Drug Cosmetics colors
  • Acid Dyes Manufacturer
  • Paper Dyes Exporter
  • Direct Dyes Exporter
  • Food Colors For Bahrain


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Food Color Manufacturer in Burma |

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