Food Color Manufacturer, Dealers & Exporter in Zimbabwe

We are one of the foremost manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a wide range of the premium quality of food colors. These primary colors, Acid Dyes, synthetic food colours, Paper Dyes, and  natural food colors are used in processing of biscuits, and dairy products. we export the supreme quality of food colors for the All African countries in Zimbabwe, Harare, Bulawayo , Chitungwiza  etc.

  • Cosmetics colors Exporter
  • Synthetic Food Colors
  • Food Colors for African Countries
  • Drug Cosmetics colors
  • Acid Dyes Manufacturer
  • Paper Dyes Exporter
  • Direct Dyes Exporter
  • Food Colors For Guinea


Acid Dyes Manufacturer in Zimbabwe |

Food Color Manufacturer in Zimbabwe |

Cosmetic Dyes Manufacturer in Zimbabwe |

Natural Food color in Zimbabwe |

Artificial Food Manufacturer in Zimbabwe

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