Red Sun Dye Chem positions amongst the most credible manufacturers and suppliers of D&C colors applicable to the personal care and cosmetics trades. Its representative brand meets all quality standards urge by global norms and knowledgeable clientele. D&C Colors are the Colors particularly for the Drugs & Cosmetics industry.

D&C Food Color (Drugs & Cosmetics), also known as artificial colors or certified colors can be used in a broad range of combinations to produce nearly any color sensible for cosmetic products. D&C Food Color from Red Sun Dye Chem meets all the FDA’s stringent colourant standards for cosmetics and can be custom blended to meet client’s requirement. We supply D&C Food Color with a unique certification number to verify quality. Colorants with this name are generally allowed for use in drugs and cosmetic applications but is suitable for tablet coatings, compressed tablets, syrups, hard and soft gelatin capsules, toiletries, skin-care products, water-based make-up, lipstick, nail polish, pencil, foundation and lip gloss.

  D & C Yellow 7
  D & C Yellow 8
  D & C Yellow 10
  D & C Yellow 11
  D & C Yellow 33
  D & C Orange
  D & C Red 21
  D & C Red 22
  D & C Red 27
  D & C Red 28
  D & C Red 30
  D & C Red 33
  D & C Green 5
  D & C Green 6
  D & C Blue 1
  D & C Violet 2
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